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Home Invasion Horror Movies

Don’t Breathe hit theaters over the weekend, and it seems to have struck a chord with moviegoers.  It has impressed critics and topped the box office, so it got me thinking; what else can I and other horror movie fans do to satisfy our home invasion horror movie craving?

Never fear, because there are quite a few horror movies out there involving home invasions.  Here are my faves:

The Collector (2009)

This movie is pretty gruesome.  A man doing helping with maintenance at a family’s home is revealed in the beginning to actually be (SPOILER ALERT) casing the residence to break in while the family is away on vacation.   He follows through with his plan, but after he’s inside, he finds himself in a house rigged with Saw-like booby traps and the family being tortured.  It’s pretty crazy, but if you can’t take so-called  “torture porn,” you might want to watch this one with your finger on the fast forward button.

The Strangers (2008)

This movie gets a lot of flack for the poor decisions made by the lead characters played by Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, but I still love this movie.  An on-the-rocks couple is spending some time at an isolated house, and terror comes knocking on their door in the form of a skinny, young lady looking for “Tamara.”  She ain’t, and soon the lady and a few other masked creeps begin to freak the hell out of the couple and (SPOILER ALERT) ultimately kill them in a “gut-wrenching” way.

That was a pun I just made.

Silent House (2011)

Elizabeth Olson is helping her father and uncle renovate a cabin to get ready for its sale and soon becomes isolated from them.  She gets trapped inside with intruders and has to try out a few hiding places in the house.  I don’t want to give anything else away, so just watch it.  This one is creepy and filled with some great twists and turns.

The Purge (2013)

The Purge movies have become pretty popular, and although I like Anarchy and Election Year better than the first, it’s still a pretty great example of home invasion horror.  Even a super-rich family with all sorts of security measures protecting their home isn’t safe from annual purgers after their son lets in a man trying to escape being murdered.

High Tension (2003)

This is one of my favorite French horror movies, and I love the craziness of it all.  A woman travels to her family’s country home to visit and brings along her friend.  They’re brutally attacked, and the thrill ride that follows is so stressful and insane.  I love it.


That’s only a small portion of home invasion horror movies out there.  If you run through those, you can try The Last House on the Left, The People Under the Stairs, or the French movies Martyrs or Inside.  I haven’t seen Inside yet, but I plan on remedying that within the next week or so.

And I only recommend Martyrs if you’re ready to be messed up for a little while.  That movie, man.  It’s rough.

Countdown to Halloween

August is only now halfway  over, and I’m sitting here like:


I’m getting antsy for the holiday, so I thought it would make me feel better to think about what I have to look forward to between now and October 31.

August 26: Don’t Breathe premieres in theaters.  This movie has great reviews on both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.  I’m going to watch this one in theaters for sure.

September 1: By this date, a lot of Halloween stuff should be out.   I already posted about TJ Maxx, and I’m pretty sure Michaels has their merchandise out, too.  I asked Party City when their items would be on the shelves, and they told me that everything should be ready by September 1.  Target and Walmart will probably drag their feet to get the most that they can out of back-to-school sales, but they’ll follow suit shortly.  I’m sure Spirit and Halloween Express will not disappoint me.  I even think (*fingers crossed*) that Spirit might actually be opening much earlier.

September 1: It’s only 60 days until Halloween!

September 14: The 6th season of American Horror Story starts!  Who the hell knows at this point what this season is about, but I can say the promos for them have piqued my interest.  I’ve read that some of them are red herrings, but they haven’t disappointed me yet, so I’m excited.

September 16: Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights begins.  I won’t get to go to this, but I like reading about the new stuff they have and watching videos of the creepy attractions.  Someday I will make it to the actual event.

October 1: Duh.  It’s the beginning of October, so the season is in full swing.  And I get to decorate my yard!!!  I’m pretty regimented about my decorating.  It’s got to be up on October 1st and down on November 1st.  Otherwise, I might keep it up all year.

October 16: My favorite Halloween tv event premieres tonight:  The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXVII.  That’s a lot of horror.

Those are the big things on my countdown right now.  If you need a little bit to help you through the impatience of waiting on Halloween, write out your own list.  It helps.