About Me

The Fright Owl was born in a small town and grew up living a relatively normal life with her parents and sister.  As a young girl, she was in love with anything scary and frequently disturbed her parents with her less-than-normal interests.  Her mother was heard to remark at one time that TFO loved to draw vampires, ghosts, and other monsters as a small child (her favorite was a cyclops), and when asked if she ever drew flowers, her mother answered, “Yeah. On graves.”

She fostered her friends’ fear of clowns by bringing Stephen King’s IT to every sleepover in elementary school and never missed an episode of Tales from the Crypt or The X-Files.  Halloween was – and still is – her favorite holiday, and she has never turned down a trip to a haunted house.  For the record, she still won’t.

TFO now lives a quiet life with her husband, dog, and a variety of skeletons and skulls.  When she’s not working at her completely normal job, she spends her time writing, watching movies, reading, and working on her haunted dollhouse and Halloween props.