Throwback: Tales from the Crypt

Hello, Boils and Ghouls.  For this edition of Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d talk about one of my favorite shows as a kid: Tales from the Crypt.  I’d always stay up on Saturday nights to make sure I didn’t miss an episode.  I still L-O-V-E this show.  Let’s talk about why you should, too.


The Opening & Theme Song

From the very beginning, this show captured my attention.  There aren’t many shows I watch that I make a point of also watching the opening sequence every single time (Game of Thrones and Black Sails now also hold that honor).

I’d hear the groan of the wrought iron gate and immediately snap to attention.  I always wanted to visit that house as a kid – creepy decor, secret passageways, and it’s own basement crypt.  What kid wouldn’t love that?

And can I just say how much I love the theme song?  It’s actually been my ringtone for a few years now.  Danny Elfman is one of my favorite composers.  His music style is fun but still dark and perfectly set the tone of the show.

The Cryptkeeper 

The man himself.  The Ghostess with the Mostess.  I loved this guy. Still do, really.  He had just the right amounts of both fright and charm.  Not many people – dead or alive – can get away with the amount of puns that he could, and he was a master of it.  Sure, it was painful at times, but that was what made it so fun.

John Kassir’s voice work made Mr. Keeper an icon.  If the new version of Tales from the Crypt actually gets on the air, I doubt the new host will even come close to measuring up.

The Effects

I’m a fan of gore, and this show had no shortage of it.  Blood, guts, maggots – the special effects team brought it.  So it wasn’t realistic.  So what?  So someone that just died wouldn’t have rotted that much already.  So what?

So what?

The Guest Stars

This is what gives this show the greatest re-watch value.  There were so many great guest stars.  Catherine O’Hara, Demi Moore, Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Buscemi, Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd, Daniel Craig, and – my favorite – Tim Curry are just a few of the awesome stars that made an appearance on this show.  It’s so fun to watch serious actors ham it up in these crazy stories.

The Stories

The show itself was based on the comic books by the same name, so there was no shortage of crazy content. Episodes ranged from the comical, like the living comic book in “Korman’s Kalamity,” to the downright terrifying, such as the horrifying haunted house in “Television Terror.”

There were no happy endings in the Tales from the Crypt world. I have such fond memories of Morty the “hand puppet” (Not the meat grinder!).  Even when it almost works out for the main character, it doesn’t.  There’s always the twist at the end.

Whoa.  Maybe that’s why M. Night Shyamalan is rebooting it.  He just can’t get away from the twists.


So glad I could SCARE up a few memories about one of my most FEAR-vorite shows.  Now, I’m just DYING to watch my collection again.

Man, I’m really bad at that.

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