Throwback: Halloween Carnivals

One of my fondest memories (before the world got all easily offended about every damn thing) was the yearly Halloween carnival at our school.  All the kids and some of the adults in our town would dress up, play games, and eat – a lot.  We weren’t worried about kids having too much sugar or kids getting too scared.  We ate funnel cakes and cotton candy until we got sick and let little kids go through the PG-13 haunted house without fear of damaging anyone’s fragile psyches.

Now, it seems like these carnivals aren’t as fun as they used to be, whether it be because people are worried about security, because nosy parents are worried about other people’s kids having too much candy, or because the morality police has decided that Halloween isn’t a family-friendly holiday.

The latter makes me think of that King of the Hill episode where one dumbass, holier-than-thou woman gets Halloween banned in Arlen.  What the hell is wrong with people?  I have to turn that one off whenever it comes on.

Anyway, school Halloween carnivals just don’t seem as prevalent or as fun as they used to be, so this is my plea to all the parents or would-be parents out there to get your kids/future kids involved in things like these while their young.  If you find out about a carnival, don’t dismiss it.  Kids love that kind of stuff, and if you skip it, you could be missing out on giving your child some pretty great memories.


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