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2016 Halloween Merchandise Review: Kirkland’s

I’m not that big of a fan of Kirkland’s just because I don’t like looking at the type of decorative items the stores carry, but I thought I’d venture inside one a few weeks ago to see what their Halloween selection looked like.


They are definitely lower on my list for Halloween merchandise providers, but I admit that they had some fun stuff.  I’m going to apologize in advance for the picture quality.  This store was worse than Bath and Body Works regarding the VERY fragrant aroma in the air as I walked in.  I felt like I was slapped in the face hard by 15 different air fresheners.  That being said, I was in a hurry to get out of there, and my pictures suffered.

Here’s blurry pic of some cute ghosts and pumpkins along with a cool Day of the Dead platter at the bottom:


Here’s another of the back of the same shelf.  Their stuff is definitely more on the cutesy side of the Halloween merchandise spectrum, but I think everyone could find at least one thing they liked out of their selection.


For instance, I really liked this metal guy:


They also had some pretty cool canvas pictures, including this one of trick-or-treaters out on Halloween night and the one below of a cool haunted house.



Right before I fled to save my nostrils and avoid a headache from the overpowering smell, I saw this:


I think the pillows at the bottom were adorable, and I’m always game for anything skull related.  The little nutcracker-like dolls on the top shelf were pretty cool, too.

So would I go back to Kirkland’s for their Halloween stuff?  Probably not, but I can see where their items would appeal to certain types of Halloween decorators.  If you’re looking for scariness or gore, this ain’t it, but if you want cute and accessible, try it out.

2016 Halloween Merchandise Review: Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a regular weekend trip for my husband and me, so I was very pleasantly surprised last weekend to see that they’ve finally put out their Halloween item.  I have to say, last year’s Lowe’s Halloween merchandise was lacking.  I think they upped their game this year.


Just check out the lovely display they have as you walk into the indoor garden section:


Doesn’t it just get you in the mood?  For Halloween, that is.

And they had another cute display pretty close by featuring some light-up decorations:


One thing they had over other places is a large selection of blow-up yard decorations, including the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, a pumpkin, a spider, minions, a dragon, and – my favorite – a grim reaper shown below.



I thought these metal and wicker pumpkin decorations were pretty cute.  If you’re going for a folksy theme, these would be perfect.


They had two animatronic props: a witch and a ghost.  Unfortunately, my video is too large to post right now, but I’ve shared them on Facebook if you want to see them.  And you do.  They’re pretty cool.  And while you’re there, follow my page.  Just do it.

Where to Buy Halloween Merchandise

I was out on the town this weekend, and I was happy to see that so many stores are already putting out their Halloween items!  Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express have still not opened their doors for the season yet (at least not here), and Walmart and Target are still peddling school supplies, but never fear!  You can  satisfy your Halloween shopping fix by visiting the following stores:

Hobby Lobby: They might not have a lot of truly creepy items, but if you’re looking for cutesy stuff, Hobby Lobby has you covered.

Michaels: My favorite thing about Michael’s Halloween merchandise is their cool Spookytown Village miniatures.  Minis make me happy.  Plus, Michael’s also has a lot of cool small props, decorative items, and craft supplies.

JoAnn: I love JoAnn’s skeleton animals.  This year they have two different kinds of dogs, cats, owls, and vultures.

Kirkland’s:  This is another one that doesn’t have any really creepy stuff, but, like Hobby Lobby, if you want cutesy, Kirkland’s has it.

TJ Maxx: Skulls, skulls, skulls.  I love the variety of decorative skulls and skeletons TJ Maxx has.  Check out my review of their 2016 merchandise here!

Home Goods: They have some similar stuff to TJ Maxx, which makes sense seeing as they have the same parent company, but check it out anyway even if you have both in your town.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m slowly working on reviewing all of the merchandise at each of these stores, so I’ll post them as I finish them.  My favorite so far has been Michael’s.  I’ll post some pics soon.

2016 Halloween Merchandise Review: TJ Maxx

As I’ve been saying, Halloween is approaching fast, and with the swift approach of our favorite holiday comes the arrival of Halloween merchandise.


As usual, TJ Maxx is one of the first to put out their Halloween products for the year, and since I went there this weekend, I thought I’d snap a few pics.  Just look at all the goodies!


One thing I really like at TJ Maxx is their selection of metal jack o’lanterns.  These always look classy, and I like that you can use them  with whatever theme you want.  Just dress them up with flowers for a cutesy Halloween (not my preference, but whatever) or just put them with your creepy stuff.  They’ll fit right in.


They also had a few cute Day of the Dead skulls in the mix.  They’re just so festive.


There was also a selection of orange and pumpkin-themed decorations found at another part of the store.


This was probably my favorite item.  You can’t see from this pic, but the jack o’lantern’s head is actually a candleholder.  I’ll probably be picking up this guy before all is said and done.


This was also one of my favorites.  It’s two skeletons carrying a plate.  I think it’s meant to be used as a candleholder, but I thought it would be cool to put a few treats on it for your Halloween party food spread.  The large faux-stone skull to the right of it is pretty awesome, and I also love the skull and crossbones candleholder to the left.



I thought TJ Maxx had a pretty good selection this year.  They always have a large amount of skull-themed items, so I enjoy looking at their stuff each Halloween.  If you’re looking for actual props, they probably won’t fulfill your needs, but if you’re looking for purely decorative items, you should check TJ Maxx out.

One last thing I’ll talk about is this fun little phone I played around with for awhile.  I’m worse than a kid with this stuff.  (Sorry for the weird video format!)