American Horror Story: No More Waiting

Alright American Horror Story fans, the wait is over!  Season 6 begins tonight, and all of the speculation over the theme can come to an end.  Hallelujah!

If you’re a fan like me, I’m sure you’ve been experiencing the frustrating yet titillating impact of the many, MANY different teasers/commercials they’ve made for this season.  Seriously.  I just counted 30 on their Facebook page.  Yes, some of them are compilations, but still, 30 is technically a buttload.  Look it up.


Check them out here.

They’ve already said that not all the teasers are actually related to the theme of the season.  There was even a sweepstakes people could enter to try to pick the correct teaser and win a Mercedes-Benz.

Don’t worry if you didn’t enter.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be calling my name as the winner tonight.

I’ve read comments on Facebook and Reddit from people angry that the creators are messing with the fan base, but I think this marketing ploy has been pretty awesome.  The teasers have been one crazy mindf*ck after another.  So entertaining.  I’m wondering how the actual show will measure up.

Here’s what we know so far:

  1. We know Roanoke will play a part.  Set photos with the word “Croatoan” carved into a tree have led some to believe, and prematurely claim, that the theme of the season is American Horror Story: Lost Colony.  I don’t think this is true, but we know that this has already been a part of the AHS universe.  Violet used the word in the Murder House season to banish a ghost after psychic Billie Dean told the story of Roanoke.
  2. Lady Gaga is definitely in it.  Like it or not (and for the record, I love it), she’s been confirmed as a cast member, and her newest song was featured in one of the latest teasers.  I liked Gaga’s performance in Hotel, so I’m pretty happy she’s back.
  3. There’s going to be different eras involved.  The Roanoke set photos are obviously from way back when, but we’ve been told that the present day will also be seen.
  4. TV Guide and Rotten Tomatoes might have accidentally given away the theme.  Both have indicated that American Horror Story: The Mist will be the name this time around.  Are they right?
  5. The creators have given sneaky little hints that the show will have a lot to do with cults and children.  Creepy kids?  Maybe the little antichrist, Michael, from the first season will make an appearance.  One of the teasers was very Rosemary’s Baby-ish, so I think it’s a big possibility.
  6. The freaky hum prominent in some of the trailers is awesome.  I just found out tonight that it’s a song from Kali Uchis named Sycamore Tree.  I wonder if ‘Forest’ is the theme after all.
  7. If Jessica Lange makes an appearance – even if it’s just a quick cameo – I will vomit from utter happiness.

I’m sure we won’t get all the answers to our questions tonight, but at least it’ll be a start.  The anticipation has been killing me!!!

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